Swimming Pool Rendering

Swimming pool rendering is different from other types of house rendering and is not something that can be done by an amateur. Knowledge, tools and techniques, are essential skills to complete a Swimming Pool Rendering job successfully.

Unlike many parts of the house that require rendering such as the external walls and floors, the swimming pool is constantly under pressure. There are both internal and external forces generated around the swimming pool which brings about the pressure. Internal pressures are caused by the water in the pool which pushes the wall of the pool outwards while the external pressure is generated by the changing ground forces around the pool which in turn push the walls of the pool inwards. These constant antagonizing forces most of the times result in cracks along the walls and floor of the pool. Therefore, adequate rendering mixtures are required so as to withstand these forces and provide a durable finish.

The swimming pool is also an area that is in contact with water 24/7. This also poses another challenge as sooner or later this water affects the walls causing them to crack and water sipping away. It is therefore very important to put this into consideration during pool rendering. Part of the rendering mixture should comprise of a good amount of appropriate waterproofing agents so as to protect the pool walls from water.

Durable pool rendering

It is quite clear that swimming pool rendering is not a DIY job. It is a technical job that requires skill and experience. The most important thing that owners should always remember is that a poor rendering job might end up being very costly. One might have to re-construct the pool from scratch if the rendering job has been done poorly and extensive damage caused.

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