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Venetian plaster is a decorative technique originating from Venice, Italy. This artisanal application involves meticulously layering natural materials likeĀ  marble dust and slaked lime, to create a smooth and highly-polished surface. The result is a lustrous finish that exudes sophistication and depth, resembling the appearance of marble or polished stone.

RMG Rendering Specialists are your first choice when it comes to Venetian plastering services on the Central Coast and we are also well versed with modern Venetian plaster. Our Venetian plastering services are not expensive despite its superior finish.

Why Should You Have Venetian Plaster?

Grand by the name itself, this exquisite technique offers several benefits, transforming your Central Coast property into a captivating masterpiece. Experience the luxury of its aesthetics and elegance in every corner. Its versatility seamlessly adapts to diverse interior styles, complementing modern and traditional designers.

With exceptional durability, Venetian plaster ensures long-lasting beauty as it lasts for a long time. You can enjoy the convenience of easy maintenance and minimal effort to preserve its flawless look. With RMG Rendering Specialists, you can put faith in our craftsmanship, use of premium materials, meticulous attention to detail and personalising customisation options.

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Applications Of Venetian Plaster

  • Living Spaces: Our Venetian plastering is not expensive and can add luxury and sophistication to living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms.
  • Commercial Spaces: Impress clients and guests with an elegant finish in hotels, restaurants and offices.
  • Walls: Create a striking focal point with a modern Venetian plaster feature wall.
  • Bathrooms: Enhance moisture-prone areas with the sleek beauty of Venetian plaster.
  • Fireplace: Ignite the elegance of your fireplace with a polished Venetian plaster finish.
  • Ceilings: Maximise natural light with an airy atmosphere by using Venetian plaster on ceilings.

Install Venetian Plaster At Your Central Coast Property

Applying Venetian plaster will be advantageous for your place in many ways. You just need to hire an experienced organisation to perform its installation on the Central Coast. This is where RMG Rendering Specialists come in, with our vast experience and exceptional quality.

Whether you want Venetian plastering or modern Venetian plaster, we can do both quite well. Call us on 0450 083 621 to find out more about our polished plaster services on the Central Coast.

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