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Whether you’re thinking of cement rendering your dream home on the Central Coast, or you’re considering renovations, consider a stylish change to your investment with texture coating with RMG Rendering Specialists Pty Ltd. Texture coating is a substitute for paint, where the paint is mixed with sand and sometimes other materials. The benefit of texture coating for homeowners and would-be renovators is that it can be coated on a variety of different surfaces, including cement render, blueboard, masonry, and painted surfaces.

With texture coating, customers can adjust the mood of their surroundings, as texture coating comes in a variety of different styles and finishes. With the use of texture coating, renovators need not be limited to covering poor quality external walls. They can use texture coating for decorative purposes as well internally. Texture coating can help you in solving problems with the surface of your home and implement the design you require. RMG Rendering Specialists offer exterior texture coating and texture rendering on the Central Coast.

Texture rendering is a process of creating, designing, and applying decorative patterns on your rendered wall – sometimes simply called texturing. When it comes to texture rendering customers should know that the product should be applied on walls before adding a coat which could be a primer and paint. This will make the look of your wall uniform, and will make the layers of coating more durable and shock-proof.

In completing texture rendering, there are varied textures you can use. Aside from the textures, colours and different effects that add the stylish character of your rendered wall. RMG Rendering Specialists Pty Ltd can help with texture rendering to fit your budget, adding a personal touch to your next project.

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  • If you need to protect your walls from mould and mildew growth in humid environments, you will have to install a textured coating. For that purpose, you can get in touch with RMG Rendering Specialists. Since we have been doing this job for many years on the Central Coast, you can trust us to use our vast experience in providing maximum efficiency.
  • We will consider your budget and provide the best results accordingly. We assure you that you will see the effectiveness of our services for years to come.
  • You can decide the colours used for the texture finish. It can also be a mix of different colours, as long as they suit your needs. We will do texture rendering according to your needs in colours. Since we have the experience, we can apply all kinds of colours and styles efficiently.
  • It will solve all the issues with the surface of your home. RMG Rendering Specialists will install it so that your design requirements are achieved to their full potential.
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